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Dec 19, 2012

Tis' the Season to be Teaming!

It's the Holidays and in the spirit of the season, GovPartners is pleased to announce the launch of our SubTeamPartners (STP) network and offer it as a digital stocking stuffer for all of our newsletter subscribers. STP is a networking resource designed to assist contractors find teaming and/or subcontracting opportunities with prime contractors and government vendors. This network is not a government-wide opportunity search; it is a live network of targeted opportunities posted by government contractors, seeking to form team(s) of qualified vendors to respond to active solicitations.

With access to this invaluable network, your company will have the ability to source and post opportunities, request business, participate in forum discussions, search for subcontractors and teaming partners; with the added capability to facilitate partnerships between prime and subcontractors within any socio-economic category, worldwide. This online tool will reduce the amount of effort and time needed to research opportunities, while exposing your business to government requirements with a demand for your product or service offerings.

Below are images of a few of the features that the SubTeamPartners network provides to its users:

To find out more and register, click here. 


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Sep 9, 2011

Top Twenty SubTeamPartners Features (1 of 2; numbers 20 through 11):

20.    A new and improved user interface
19.    Post Government Opportunities
18.    Search for teaming partners (Prime and Subcontractors)
17.    Retain your anonymity when searching for partners and opportunities
16.    Send private messages to other companies
15.    Ask questions and post topics in our forums
14.    Have multiple users (e-mail addresses) from the same company
13.    Receive notifications on new messages and opportunities updates
12.    Advertising opportunities to top primes and subcontractors
11.    Be featured "In the Spotlight' in our newsletter and on our homepage

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