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    GSA Supply Schedule Contract Professional Services

    GovPartners is dedicated to providing contractors in the aviation sector with U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) proposal preparations and submissions. The GSA leverages the buying power of the U.S. Federal Government in order to acquire the best value for taxpayers and Federal customers. GovPartners wants to give you the tools necessary in order to align your business with the missions and values of the GSA. Find out more about how we can help with your project.

    Do you need help preparing your GSA Schedule?GovPartners will: 

    • Review the GSA Federal Supply Schedule and reporting requirements with your business,
    • Analyze your business and choose the best schedule for your firm’s offerings,
    • Prepare, Negotiate and Finalize your GSA Schedule proposal and
    • Assist with the implementation of the approved GSA Schedule into your business.

    How to Win a GSA Contract

    A business or organization that wants to obtain a GSA contract has two options: Either prepare and negotiate a contract proposal themselves or obtain assistance from an experienced firm such as GovPartners. It is our experience that self-preparation is only effective when the business has dedicated staff with experience in preparing a GSA contract. GSA contract proposals involve dedicated time and knowledge to the required structure, format and terminology requirements. If there are errors or omissions the GSA will request editing and rework on the proposal. Improper proposal requests could delay the process several months and keep your firm from effectively competing for U.S. Government business.

    GovPartners has a dedicated and knowledgeable team that has assisted businesses like yours in sending proposals and receiving approvals to work on GSA contracts. Contact Us  to discuss how we can assist you throughout the GSA contract process.

    GSA Schedules Explained

    A GSA schedule is a five (5) year contract that lists the prices that the U.S. Federal Government has agreed to pay for a vendor’s products and services. The contract can be renewed up to three (3) times which would result in a 20-year contract if all renewals are executed.

    Currently there are over 60 GSA Contract categories of commercial products and services that businesses can apply for. Known as schedules, these categories cover everything from computers and office products, industrial products and vehicles, to most categories within professional services.

    In order for your business to bid for U.S. government business you must go through the application process and negotiate fair and reasonable prices for the products and services that your business wants to deliver. Implementing a GSA schedule program makes it easier for federal agencies to buy your business and limits competition. Allow GovPartners to relieve your business of the burden by utilizing our streamlined approach to application submission and negotiation.

    Help with GSA Supply Schedule Contracts

    The GSA Supply Schedule, also known as the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) is a listing of contractors that have been awarded a contract by the GSA that can be used by all U.S. federal agencies. GovPartners offers a GSA Supply Schedule assistance program that manages the application process, price negotiation and awarded contracts on the MAS.


    Ready to Get Help with Your GSA Schedule?

    Currently, we are not taking on new clients for GSA Schedule assistance.  Pleasee check back with us in the future!


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