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GovPartners specializes in Customer Experience Management. 

Taking the Mystery Out Of Customer Satisfaction, One Trip at a Time.

Service offerings include mystery shops/rides, passenger/customer surveys and competitive intelligence.



Quality Simplified... 

The Customer Intelligence Analyst Division takes the mystery out of customer satisfaction by conducting objective clandestine evaluations, one trip at a time.



Schedules Simplified...

Professional services for the General Services Administration (GSA) Supply Schedule and GSA Contract Proposal & Negotiation process.


Research Simplified...

A full market and customer experience solution, market research, data analyses, competitive research, anonymous evaluations, and reporting.

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December Spotlight

Remembering, honoring & respecting the brave men & women who served in times of war & peace. Thank you for your service.





GovPartners Presents: Mystery Shopping/Covert Travelers Defined

GovPartners Presents brings another great interview for our cable television viewers. Today's segment features a Skyped interview with Ms. Pamela Olmstead, President at Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition, of Orange County, California. What is a mystery shopper and what do they do? GovPartners &  Pamela demystifies some of the erroneous assumptions about mystery shopping and much more Click to Watch.