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May 9, 2016

The cabinet had approved the introduction of the Mystery Shopping Exercise project, also known as mystery evaluation, whose objective is described as being to enhance the quality of service. A number of organisations will be participating in this exercise.

For the purpose of implementing this project, a ‘mystery shopper’ will be sent to particular departments to assess the quality of service and the compliance to established standards. He might be a “mysterious patient” at a hospital who will evaluate the behaviour of the medical personnel towards him. This exercise might also last for several days. It will not always be done through visits, though: rather, a phone call might sometimes do the job.

After the completion of the exercise, the ‘mystery shopper’ will produce a report with his conclusions. These will be used to formulate corrective measures as required. According to l’, this is not meant to render civil servants jobless. Rather, the ministry will be providing its support to improve counter/customer service scheme. Full article.

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