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Sep 11, 2012

Prospective contractors won't have to register online to sell goods and services to the Defense Department, as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation, because of technical problems with the government's newly launched procurement system.

An Aug. 21 memo from Richard Ginman, director of defense procurement and acquisition policy, pointed to issues with the System for Award Management in announcing that contractors would not have to adhere to the registration requirement before bidding on government work. Read full article.

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Aug 10, 2012

GSA issues IBM a 'cure' letter for problems with procurement system: he General Services Administration has officially ordered IBM to fix the troubled System for Award Management (SAM).

Sources confirmed GSA issued IBM a "cure" letter Aug. 7. In the official notice, GSA told the company to develop a plan of action and milestones for how they will make SAM work more smoothly. Under the program, GSA wants to consolidate eight acquisition databases, including the Central Contractor Registration, the Past Performance Information Retrieval System and six others.

GSA hired IBM under an eight-year, $74.4 million contract in 2010.

"The agency is committed to working with IBM to quickly resolve the issues with the system" said GSA spokeswoman Mafara Hobson in an email statement. "The goal is to get it up and running as soon as possible."

GSA's decision to issue the cure letter comes as frustration grows across the government. Sources said the Chief Acquisition Officer's Council held a meeting earlier this week and discussed SAM's problems.

Agencies issue "cure" letters when a vendor fails to deliver or perform according to the contract. It provides the contractor with a period of time to correct the problems and tells them what would happen if they were unable to fix the system.

GSA launched SAM on July 31 after a month-long delay, and almost immediately the system struggled. GSA took SAM offline for a few days. It went back up Aug. 7, but is still having latency and other issues.

Sources said GSA told IBM to fix the system or risk penalties. Full Article.

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