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    Aug 26, 2014

    A growing number of agencies no longer believe prices under the General Services Administration schedules program are "fair and reasonable."

    Along with the Defense Department, NASA quietly issued a memo in March that requires its contracting officers to do additional research to ensure GSA schedule prices are the best value for the government. Industry sources say other agency memos could follow from the likes of the departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Energy.

    And nearly five months after the Defense Department's Dick Ginman, director for procurement and acquisition policy (DPAP), created quite a stir by changing almost two decades of precedent around GSA schedule prices, Tom Sharpe, the commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service, finally responded publicly to these major changes.
    "I support what Dick Ginman has done in terms of telling his contracting workforce to go ahead and apply techniques to get the best price, value and other things important to the taxpayers when they raise orders or otherwise contract — that means getting competition and that means negotiating prices," Sharpe said in an interview with Federal News Radio. "I think where Dick was at, and I agree with him, is we didn't know how often contracting officers were receiving discounts. If you have any type of large volume at the order level, you should in fact be competing orders and negotiating discounts. The schedules were set up to enable that."
    Sharpe said by standardizing part numbers and descriptions on the schedules, GSA will use the data to make decisions about how much price variability in the schedules make sense, and agencies can use the data to make better buying decisions. He said GSA also plans to propose a rule to require schedule contractors to provide prices paid data and all demographics around it.
    Sharpe said FAS will put that data in a tool so buyers can use it to help them shape how they should price that order.
    "I support the agencies getting the best prices they can," he said. "I'm in the process at FAS of setting the conditions, particularly on the multiple award schedule, such that possibly those deviations would no longer be needed, and I'll defer to those customers."
    Despite Sharpe's support of DoD, and presumably NASA too, industry experts aren't happy with this growing trend. Several sources say DoD, and now NASA, aren't solving a problem with the schedules, but rather not addressing a problem with the training of contracting officers. Read Full Article.



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    Aug 26, 2014

    A little over two weeks ago GSA awarded the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Office Supply 3 (OS3) Indefinite-Quantity-Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) contracts—the third generation FSSI for office supplies. These new OS3 IDIQ contracts duplicate the current GSA Schedule 75 for office supplies—so much so that the OS3 solicitation used GSA Schedule 75 pricing as a benchmark. Moreover, for those GSA Schedule 75 contractors who now have OS3 contracts—the OS3 contract terms require pricing consistency across both vehicles, essentially incorporating by reference the operative GSA Schedule 75 contract terms!
    As a result of this effort, GSA and the firms competing OS3 together spent millions of bid and proposal dollars for a duplicative contract vehicle. Time and money could have been saved through the competitive establishment of BPAs under the GSA Schedule 75. More importantly, task order competitions using the GSA Schedule 75 would have leveraged individual agency requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner.  Read full article.

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    Oct 24, 2012

    GSA Schedules are long-term government-wide contracts that establish set prices and terms for supplies and services.  Because ordering from these established contracts saves government agencies administrative time and money, preference is often given to vendors on a GSA Schedule.

    If you are debating on whether or not your company should invest the time and resources in having your company included on a GSA Schedule, consider the following Pros and Cons:

    •    A less selective competitive pool (as you will only be bidding against other companies that are already on the GSA Schedule)
    •    Access to Request for Proposals and Request for Quotations that are not normally published on
    •    Know who exactly who your competition is
    •    An excellent marketing tool for your company—Government Agencies like it that your company has already been pre-vetted by the GSA Schedule selection process!

    •    Inclusion into the schedule could be a time and resource consuming process
    •    The requirements for a GSA Schedule contract award are stringent: you need to demonstrate a history of financial stability, a strong past performance experience, and the capability to meet the service/product requirements
    •    The GSA requires prospective vendors to: possess up to date CCR and ORCA records, as well as complete a Readiness Assessment, a Pathway to Success certification, and comply with wage determination labor standards… what does all of this mean?

    GovPartners has a 100% success rate in obtaining GSA Schedule contract awards for eligible companies.  We make the process as easy as possible for our clients, providing all of the necessary services for our clients, from the cradle to the grave.  This includes things such as submitting our client’s Open Ratings Reports in the beginning to negotiating acceptable discount terms with the GSA prior to a contract award.

    To find out more about our GSA Schedule submission services, click here.


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    Feb 22, 2012
    GovPartners, LLC
    Government Services Simplified
    44927 George Washington Blvd. Suite 230
    Ashburn, VA 20147
    (571) 252-3868
    U.S. Sedan Awarded GSA Schedule
    Ashburn, VA (February 22, 2012) – GovPartners, LLC (GovPartners), a leading provider of government business development and management services, is pleased to announced that U.S. Sedan Services, Inc. (U.S. Sedan)  has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) contract # GS-33F-0007Y and are now approved to offer transportation services to the government.  US Sedan has placed their expansive fleet and transportation services on the government's electronic ordering system, GSA Advantage!®.
    “Our GSA Schedule Award will enable U.S. Sedan to offer reliable and safe transportation to the government market worldwide,” stated Michael Pagano, Senior Vice President.  Mr. Pagano further stated “Being on the GSA schedule expands our reach to government contractors with complementary services looking to team and offer a complete turnkey transportation and services solution to the government sector. Our convenient location in the Washington DC metro area has enabled us to indirectly provide services to the government for many years, and with our recently awarded GSA Schedule; we look forward to working directly with numerous government agencies and their customers.”
    U.S. Sedan has continually demarked itself by the quality of its vehicles.  Quality transportation has significantly contributed to improving the way our clients do business by increased productivity thanks to advanced interior features catered to the "VIP on the go".  Time is valuable and U.S. Sedan saves clients valuable time.
    U.S. Sedan now plans to expand its market reach by offering services to GSA and its' buyers. 
    About US Sedan
    Founded in 1992, U.S. Sedan Service, Inc. is the preferred luxury transportation company with affiliates and locations servicing the greater DC metropolitan area and 550 cities worldwide. With its flawless details and impressive ability to cater to the client's individual needs, U.S. Sedan found its niche by providing superior class transportation services.  For more information about U.S. Sedan, visit its website at
    GovPartners managed the schedule submission process on behalf of US Sedan facilitating the application preparation, submission and negotiations with government buyers at the GSA.  
    GovPartners, provides support services such as proposal writing, GSA supply schedule contracts, formulating contractor teaming agreements with approved government contractors, program management/deployment services, and contract administration support.
    For more information please contact:
    GovPartners, LLC
    # # # END # # #


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    Jun 28, 2011

    The General Services Administration is considering splitting a small-business contract that brought in $250 million so far but they are trying to figure out what the follow-on contracts should look like, according to a new announcement.

    The first GSA IT Infrastructure Technology Global Operations (GITGO) contract was awarded to Catapult Technology in 2007, and the contract ends in April 2012. With that deadline, GSA anticipates awarding the follow-on task orders during the second quarter of fiscal 2012, according to a request for information released June 24. Read the notice.

    The GITGO contract has netted $250 million in revenue for Catapult, according to data from Deltek Input.

    The scope of the coming requests for proposal would establish efficient managed support of GSA’s IT infrastructure services. At this point though, GSA wants ideas from industry on how to set up orders to match those needs.

    GSA plans two separate acquisitions. The task order to get the necessary capability is called GSA Technical Operations, and the order to help manage the global effort is the GSA Independent Program Oversight and Assistance task order.  Read full article

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    Nov 1, 2010

    There is a new Mobile Gov IT App. Designed by Winvale, this app has the latest Government IT news, CIO blogs, FY2011 IT budget forecasts and GSA’s IT Schedule 70 information. This FREE App is the first of its kind for Government Technology. Download it at the Apple’s App Store.

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